Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hello little royalties out there :)

The thought of setting up a scrap challenge blog have been lingering on my mind for quite some time and since now that I finally got the time to do so, let's strike while the iron's still stinkin' hot hehe. :) I have always been a girly girl and LOVED to dressup as princess when I was young (actually, I still do.. :P) so more or less, as the name suggests - "Of crowns & tiaras", the prompts here will be more catered towards shabby chic or girly-girls groups like me. :)

Of course, as frequent as I can, I will try to set up prompts that will cater to the mass - let's hope this thought of mine would finalize, so we? :)

We would have images prompts or words prompts - either way goes.

I am also searching for DT members, but do note that since I am still a poor student, I cannot afford to send any goodies your way (unless we receive sponsorship of course :P), but you will enjoy the privelege of having your name as part of the DT and link-backs from this blog and also my personal blog. Anything goes - I am trying very hard to make this sound appealing, so yeah! :D [pstttt, something to add to your scrap resume, i presume? :P]

Do check back soon for the first prompt...
Oh, and yeah, it sure has something to do with images ;)

As this challenge blog is still fairly new (who am I kidding?! It's just set-up today!), I will deeply appreciate any linkback in any sense! I will also try to link back to anyone who links towards "of Crowns and Tiaras"

Thank you soooo much and I hope this will be a success!

xx Shermin

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